Ginkgo BioWorks

Designing a brand for designers of DNA

What is Ginkgo Bioworks? They’re pioneers in synthetic biology, a field which us lay-folks sometimes need to explain with Jurassic Park references (though, we imagine, if Ginkgo Bioworks had engineered those dinosaurs, everything would have gone smoothly and it wouldn’t have made for much of a movie).

The Challenge

The Ginkgo Bioworks team came to us with a crucial request and a tight deadline. They were about to announce a big round of funding and their CEO had national TV interviews scheduled; their website was about to get slammed, and it needed a rapid update to convey this new phase of their business. To hit the aggressive timeline, our team broke the work into phases.

From Wireframe to UI Design

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Ahead of the announcement, we replaced their previous site with a microsite that introduced the new look and messaging for the brand. Then, when the dust settled, we built a new iteration from this microsite, updated the UX, and created a full-scale website that showcased their work, their people, and their facilities. The new website gives them a platform to communicate what they do, tell their unique story, and attract top talent to their rapidly-growing company.

Working with the ICS team was awesome! They quickly got to the heart of what we were trying to say and translated it into a beautiful website.