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we’re people


Great work starts with great people

None of the amazing work that ICS does is possible without the special group of people behind it. We all have our own unique skills, interests, and backgrounds but one thing we all have is common is a desire to do great work together.

Who We Are

We care about each other, look after one another, and generally enjoy spending time together. We have long-standing partnerships with our clients, and many of our team members have been with us for years.

It’s true. We actually like eachother as human beings!

Meet the Team

Our strength is in our diversity of talents, career maturity, and interests. We’re bound by a great sense of humor, delight in working together, and insistence on making really cool stuff.

Our Principles

Our Principles

Set expectations, meet expectations

Strategy is foundational to literally everything we do. Get ready to ask and answer “why” and “how” ALOT. We make sure to set expectations at every corner so that everyone from our clients to our designers to our pricipal knows what what the end goal is and how we’re going to measure success. We won’t quit until we’ve met and exceeded those expectations.

Do the right thing

In a lot of agencies, there can be pressure to cut corners to come under budget or hit a timeline. ICS insists on making budget and timeline work by doing the right thing. Be prepared to flexible, candid, and creative so we can work together to do the right thing and still create world-class work.

Quality over quantity

This one speaks for itself. We will always value quality over quantity. Our clients come to us for deep, strategic thinking that will guide them in their brand discovery journey. To do that, we create thoughtful, curated work. The more the merrier does not a strategy make.

Measure twice, cut once

Are you hearing a theme? ICS is thoughtful, intentionally, and strategic. Focus on the goal and methodology first and foremost gets us to our best work. So get ready to measure twice, before you jump in to execute.

Stay curious

Every single one of our team members has this quality in spades. Curiosity makes our work innovative, our team bonds stronger, and keeps our clients coming back to here our perspective. This attribute is a must so if you love imagining “what ifs”, this is the right fit.

Check your ego at the door

ICS is a team. Everyone brings something to the table and is continuously learning and growing. Big egos won’t fit through our bright yellow door, so make sure to leave that at home.

our benefits

Open PTO
(But Like, For Real)

Take the time you need to remain healthy, happy and inspired to do great work.

Weeks Off

Around the end of every year and the week of July 4 we close the studio so we can rest, recharge, and just enjoy some downtime.

Remote Work

While we regularly meet up at our studio in East Boston, ICS has team members all over the US (and the world.) We have all the tools we need to do awesome work from almost anywhere.

Health, Dental,
and 401K

We offer comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans for our team and their families, and a company 401(k) with up to 4% company match.

Summer Fridays

From Memorial Day to Labor Day team members are free to take a half day each Friday. Cut out and go enjoy the summer.

Work/Life Balance

We expect our team to be their best selves during working hours. We also expect them to enjoy their time with their families, friends, loved ones, or cats, during non-ICS hours.

Job Listings

We’ve got a few slots to fill

ICS is on the lookout for some new team members. If you have the experience and the reaction gif skills, hit us up.

Job Listings

Our doors are always open to top talent

Even though ICS isn’t hiring right now, we’re always excited to meet new folks who might be right in the future. If you’re interested in joining our team, why not drop us a line.

Job Listings Closed

Join our apprenticeship program

We give aspiring designers real-world experience while they refine the skills they need for a successful career.