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Greentown Labs


Finding solutions to climate change takes collaboration, innovation, scale and community—and Greentown Labs is uniquely positioned to meet that challenge.

As longtime partners of Greentown Labs, ICS created a brand built around the collective awe and bridge building needed to foster, develop, and commercialize climate solutions. The website is where startups, corporations and partners come together to learn how to take climate action that matters. From creating a welcoming user experience that showcases Greentown startups to making event signup intuitive and seamless, the Greentown Labs brand leads with a sense of community and belief in what we can achieve together.

The brand and website are built with growth and flexibility top of mind. And the site has scaled as Greentown has grown from a Somerville-based incubator to a national climate tech leader with multiple locations. We oriented that growth around a brand architecture that allows new programs and services to have their own distinct look and feel but also connect back to the Greentown Labs parent brand.

It’s climate action at work.

Our Role

  • Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • WordPress
  • Creative Partner


  • Biotech & Life Science

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