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ProFound Therapeutics


ProFound Therapeutics tackles the grand challenges of biology by exploring the vast frontier of the dark proteome to uncover therapeutic proteins that will transform medicine.

Our assignment was to present a brand that operates at the highest level of biotech, to show the elegance of their deep and innovative science, and to ground ProFound’s exploration through the visual introduction of the ProFoundry Platform. The site employs abstracted landscapes and terrain-like details as a way to visualize Profound’s exploration of uncharted scientific territory. The unexpected color palette aligns with Profound’s sophisticated science and creates a sense of visual elegance. We complemented the more abstract visuals with a scientific visualization of the ProFoundry Platform that introduces users to a diverse pipeline of revolutionary medicines. The site as a whole creates a sophisticated experience that aligns with a company that is revealing a vast new frontier for the biotech industry.

Our Role

  • Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • WordPress
  • Creative Partner


  • Biotech & Life Science

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