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Auregen publicly launched at the end of 2023 but had been in stealth mode for over six years. They partnered with us knowing that brand-building and story-telling would be critical to establish themselves in a crowded and mature industry. 

We created a brand and visual language that embodies a bold, futuristic, and natural feel that balances Auregen’s bioregenerative science with the humanity that it serves. 

In crafting the brand, our designers created distinct themes, each contributing to a unique visual identity. We used subtle, calming movements to infuse select pages with motion that is fluid, engaging, and hypnotic. This detail is selectively integrated across the site to enhance high-impact pages and create a dynamic user experience.

Auregen’s commitment to human tissue engineering inspired the exploration of 3D bioprinted scientific renders. Realistic depictions of human tissues coexist with abstract layers, textures, and refracted colors to avoid the sterility often associated with generic 3D scientific visuals.

To counterbalance the scientific illustrations, organic biological textures come into play. Exploring the use of textures resembling organic ink blots, we aim to mimic the appearance of cells, new life, and webbed connections. One-line illustrations introduce a human element without relying on stock photography and mirror the line work of a 3D printer, creating a distinctive aesthetic.

Auregen’s visual language is punctuated with a spectrum of “kaleidoscopic” colors, introducing saturated tones paired with warm and restrained tints. This combination aims to create depth, and an inviting, approachable brand personality that steers clear of clinical and cold color palettes.

As Auregen progresses in clinical trials, we anticipate the inclusion of candid patient photography alongside their unique stories, providing a more comprehensive visual narrative.

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