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Akouos develops gene therapies with the potential to restore, improve, and preserve high-acuity physiologic hearing for people who live with disabling hearing loss. They serve a wide spectrum of audiences—patients, investors, clinicians, advocates, and more, through three flagship points of entry: the Akouos website, the Sing Registry (a global longitudinal observational study), and Resonate (a program to improve genetic testing).

ICS was challenged to create and build a brand that allows each separate digital experience to stand on its own but also tie back to the Akouos brand as a whole. We used color and repeating visual motifs to connect each digital space while creating a custom look and feel for each.

Our Role

  • Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • WordPress
  • Creative Partner


  • Biotech & Life Science

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