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While many biotech companies focus on drug discovery from outside the body, Empress Therapeutics approaches drug discovery from within. Their unique approach is built on its proprietary platform that canvasses an overlooked source of important pharmacology: the human body. 

To support this approach and standout in a crowded field, we created a messaging strategy that differentiates Empress from the sameness of biotech messaging, refreshed the existing brand while maintaining key elements to maintain brand equity, and built out their website to not only attract investors, partners and peers in the near term, but to also create a runway for a future buildout focused on clinicians and patients. 

The visual brand conveys a bold, vibrant, and energetic feel that reflects Empress’s unique personality. It conveys a spirit of discovery and efficiency, and reflects Empress’s cutting-edge goal to uncover selective starting points for drugs within the human body. We maintained the brand’s core building blocks — the Empress green and dot motif – and added new elements, leveraging human imagery and a targeted use of motion elements to bring depth and engagement to the overall visual experience.

The visuals align with a messaging strategy that focuses on the innate curiosity and potential that can be found by looking within the human body. This overarching strategy creates multiple messaging lanes where Empress can highlight the discontinuous advancements of its ChemilogicsTM  platform, the use of human chemistry to find prequalified and privileged drugs from within, and its systematic exploration of the metagenome to surface therapeutic opportunities and new medicines. 

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