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Ampersand Biomedicines


Ampersand Biomedicines harnesses the power of biology, deliberate design, programmable precision, and an innovative addressing system to create new and better medicines that will cure a wide-range of diseases. The unlock is that they can program smarter medicines that act specifically at the site of disease and nowhere else.

Our design team focused on building a nuanced visual brand through the use of dual brand colors (and shades of those colors) that speak Ampersand’s core science: the localizing moieties that drive localization and the actuator moieties that drive the therapeutic effect. This color play is used as a foundational element throughout the site. 

We were also challenged to create visual elements to enhance the users’ understanding of the complex scientific advancements that make Ampersand unique. Ampersand’s AND-Platform™ enables a new way of designing medicines by reimagining the definition of a target. Our team collaborated closely with the Ampersand team to create content that introduced the power of the platform through thoughtfully designed visual graphics and animations that support the written content. 

Key to the platform is Ampersand’s proprietary Opportunity Atlas — Ampersand’s systematic approach to identifying localized targets in healthy and diseased tissues allows us to navigate a large range of disease in almost all areas of the body. We developed an interactive graphic that allows the user to click on a localizer target, actuator, or disease to see how the versatile engineering capabilities of the AND-Platform™ enables Ampersand to take aim at a broad range of diseases simultaneously.

The overall result is a brand that uses visual communication to highlight scientific innovation of the AND-Platform, powered by a broad and ever-growing addressing system.

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