Viral Gains

Leveraging the power of video to tell authentic stories

Powerful, emotional connections

ViralGains provides a robust platform that allows both agencies and Fortune 500 brands to leverage the power of video ad content. Rather than simple vanity metrics, the platform provides powerful insights that measure more than just impressions, but real engagement with video content.

A complete brand experience

As their business was rapidly scaling, ViralGains recognized the need to bring in a team and help create a new digital experience. In order to compete in a crowded market, they needed to revamp their brand assets and create a new system that told their story, conveyed their value, and helped drive leads through a robust inbound content engine.

Working with the ViralGains team, ICS transformed their message, visual language, and digital experience. With only their logo remaining constant, ICS developed a rich visual experience that elevated their brand and better communicated their value and leadership within their market.