Recurrent Energy

Clean energy converts to a new current.

As an industry leader in US solar, Recurrent Energy knows how to transform the sun into gigawatts of clean energy. In 2016, they joined forces with Canadian Solar, which meant aligning the two brands into one cohesive family. Our team loves solar power as much as we love a good challenge, so we were delighted to work with Recurrent Energy during this moment of transition.

ICS joined forces with our friends at Captains of Industry to pull the whole project together. We listened carefully to what the Recurrent team loved about their own look, but also paid diligent attention to the Canadian Solar branding guidelines. Using their stunning photographs of solar installations in the landscape, ICS worked to bring the two brands into harmony on the new Recurrent Energy website

We aimed to convey a sense scale when using photography of the solar panels. A combination of small, close-up & intimate details, contrasted with grand, sweeping panoramas created a sense of atmosphere and sophistication to the solar panels.

Recurrent Energy has an impressive portfolio of utility solar projects ranging in size from distributed-scale to central-scale. We highlighted each in a fully filterable project portfolio which highlights overall project capacity, location, and positive impact within the community.