Printed Village

It takes a village to build a community.

Printed Village gives people from all over the world the opportunity to design textiles for major fashion companies. As their network grew, they discovered that their designers wanted to talk to each other. Printed Village needed to turn their user base into an online community.

They came to us with a hard deadline; the company was being featured on an episode of The Profit, which would trigger a rush to their website. ICS overhauled the site’s design, and custom built a community platform that gave registered users their own dashboards.

The site now allows the designers to “like” each others designs, add comments, follow each other, share on social media, and even purchase the other community members’ work.


We created a personalized dashboard screen for users so they can stay up-to-date on the latest challenges, favorite designers, and featured updates from Printed Village.

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An editorial-focused featured member page spotlights real Printed Village designers – allowing other members to more deeply connect with the site’s artists and learn about their creative process.

The result is a fashion brand powered by a community of designers based around the world. We provided a tool for designers to show off their work with other members, get feedback on designs, and participate in online design challenges.