JoVE Core

Goodbye, textbook.

Hello, video.

A few months after wrapping the successful redesign of their website, Jove came to us with a pretty wild idea. They wanted to work together to build something with the potential to completely reshape college textbooks.

Using their knowledge of video and their immense resources of Ph.D. editors and writers, they had begun creating a Biology 101 “textbook.”

From scratch.

Instead of wading through 700 pages of dry text and hard-to-understand diagrams, they created hundreds of concise videos that illuminate fundamental biology in ways a paper text can’t.

Oh, and they’re doing it for a quarter of the price of a traditional textbook.

After some early interviews with undergraduate and graduate students, we had the confirmation that Jove was hoping for: students loved this idea.

From Wireframe to UI

Since it would act as the home screen and dashboard for thousands of student users, the design of the student dashboard went through dozens of iterations and rounds of user testing before we landed on the final design.

  • Drag Me

Looking at the design of most educational software, it became clear that design and user experience were not highly prioritized. The look of Jove Core had to make an instant impact on both students and the professors and department heads who would ultimately decide if their students were going to be using the product.

We created a bold, sophisticated, modern look that leveraged cinematic details and intuitive design patterns that allowed their video content, the real stars of the show, to shine.

Instructors In Mind

Since professors and TA’s likely spend more time using the product than students, we built an intuitive and feature-rich admin panel that includes a pre-populated quiz builder, easy class administration, and grading tools that export results to popular LMS.