Real human connections in your digital space.

Real human connections

Glance Networks came to us with a problem that we regularly see with growing businesses: their website simply didn’t reflect the company they’d become. We agreed that their site wasn’t doing them any favors. It was far too focused on the product and its features rather than how it could improve business outcomes.

Their key prospects are more likely to begin an engagement if they could find value in the product for various parts of the company rather than just in the sales or call center. Glance needed a way to talk about how their suite of products can not only save money but generate revenue.

A complete brand experience

The Benefits Matrix

To accomplish this, we designed a matrix that laid out the benefits of Glance for various roles within a company allowing users to not only see how Glance could benefit them and their goals but also see tangential benefits that others within the organization might see.

Custom video content

We also found that users sometimes had a hard time understanding exactly how Glance even worked. In order to explain this, we turned to the video. With the help of the team at Captains of Industry, we conceived, wrote, and shot four original videos to demonstrate three different scenarios of Glance in action.

Additionally, we found that some of the most important information to make a sale was buried on the current site. Since Case Studies are a crucial piece of content for champions and decision-makers, we took them out of PDFs and into dynamic, results-oriented web pages.


Lastly, the ease of Glance’s integration was something that we noticed wasn’t getting the prominence it deserved on the site. To remedy this we built out robust pages aimed at the IT crowd who’d be giving the OK to go with Glance to emphasize how easy such an integration would be. [Link to Redlight Greenlight]

Steady increase in qualified leads

Just a few months after launch, we saw users coming from organic search soar as the site moved up into top slots for a number of keywords and the sales team reported a steady increase in qualified leads through the site.