Dumbarton Oaks

An antiquities collection with a cutting-edge website.

A true home of the Humanities, Dumbarton Oaks research library, collection and gardens is the ultimate destination for you modern Indiana Jones-types (minus the booby trapped corridors). They decided to update their website to best showcase the beauty of their curated collection.

As with their museum, the Dumbarton Oaks website is bursting with masterpieces; our challenge was how to organize it all. The ICS team dove headfirst into the collection, learning quite a lot about Byzantine coins and pre-Columbian sculpture on the way.

ICS teamed up with Plone-development specialists at Jazkarta to refresh the overall UX of the site so visitors can easily find the information they need – and refreshed the design with clean, bright pages and full width photographs. The resulting site is truly a splendor for the modern age.

We developed greater consistency in displaying the Dumbarton Oaks museum collection items. Users and researchers can now easily scan bibliographic details and important metadata related to Byzantine coins, seals, rare books, and other items featured in the online collection.

Image Conscious Studios was a pleasure to work with. They provided us with a vibrant, modern website theme, which has allowed us to improve user tasks and highlight our collections, events, and other content. Throughout the project, ICS was flexible and accommodating, and their holistic approach to design and development allowed us work with them to provide feedback throughout the process