Transformative therapies for autoimmune disease

When we began our partnership with Abata Therapeutics, the company was just coming out of stealth mode with its new approach to the treatment of autoimmune disease by engineering Tregs. Our discovery work surfaced two important themes that we kept front and center as we developed the brand. First, Abata’s story is centered around people. While science is core to what Abata does, its mission is to make life better for patients who don’t currently have any effective therapies available to them. Our designers expressed this mission through visuals that feature human-centric imagery over clinical scientific images. We also knew that Abata would be launching in a crowded and competitive space and our task was to design a brand that would stand out. Here we leaned on the translation of Abata as “tranquil” or “a place of peace.” Every design choice was made to support a calm, human, and welcoming visual narrative—in contrast to a tech-heavy approach commonly seen in the competitive landscape.

Abata’s challenge was not only brand focused. Our development team built a website that will flex and grow as the company advances their programs to clinical trials and then to market. The site’s modular, flexible UI and backend dev systems support an ever changing, ever growing company.