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Your company is making breakthroughs and developing amazing new treatments to improve people’s lives and impact the world around us. You need to attract top talent, investors, and partners as you continue to grow. The designers and strategists at ICS will partner with you to develop a digital brand that tells your story in an engaging, meaningful way, helping you to connect with the right people to keep your organization thriving.

Here’s how we do it


Strategic Planning

We start by taking a deep dive into your company’s history, goals, and objectives. From there, our years of experience with life science brands guides a creation of custom strategy. Our refined creative approach sharpens the focus of your brand and enables messaging that resonates with your unique audience.

Visually Engaging Design

Your company is creating novel solutions to some of the worlds biggest challenges; your brand demands a dynamic, engaging visual presentation to align with your vision. Along with your messaging, your visual brand is responsible for communicating the value of your work to your audience and creating an emotional connection that translates into a deeper connection with your organization.

Long-Term Partnerships

From start-up to acquisition, we provide our highest value when we establish long-term partnerships with our clients that last throughout all stages of their growth. Whether you’re early in your development pipeline or transitioning into clinical trials, we'll ensure your brand reflects where you are in your journey.

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We help lifescience brands tell their stories through award-winning digital experiences.

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Recent Client Stories


Akouos is developing new therapies to address hearing disorders through gene therapy. We defined a human-centric visual language to provide an emotional resonance and underscore the impact of their work.

Ginkgo Bioworks

The scientists and designers at Gingko Bioworks are conducting groundbreaking work by developing organisms that replace technology with biology. Their website required a blend of creativity and biology that emphasized the unique qualities of their work.

The Ginkgo Creative Residency



Bioss develops and provides antibodies to leading biotech, life sciences and research organizations around the world. Their work empowers institutions to develop groundbreaking therapies and solutions, so we set out to expand their brand to reflect their unique place within their market.

F1 Oncology

F1 Oncology is pioneering a new wave of oncology treatment that blends immuno-oncology with big data and global science. From name refinement to branding and website, ICS helped F1 Oncology to define their voice, tone and messaging and create a world-class digital experience.

Grousbeck Gene Therapy Center

Led by world-renowned gene therapy scientists, and backed by first-class institutions such as Harvard and MGH, the Grousbeck Gene Therapy Center is pioneering gene therapy solutions that allow scientists world-wide to develop therapies and treatments for debilitating conditions. They needed a visual brand that was visually impactful, but also underscored the gravitas of their work.

JoVE Core

JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, has developed the world’s first fully video-based textbook designed to replace old-fashioned textbooks in college classrooms and labs. ICS worked with JoVE to create the visual design and UX of the digital experience to create an industry-leading approach to teaching and learning science.

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