Kevin Brooks

Lead Developer

Kevin Brooks is lead developer at ICS, bringing with him nearly two decades of digital marketing and web development experience. Far from the coder hidden from the client, Kevin loves being involved in a project as early as possible. Over the years, true collaboration has proven time and again to be the key to a project’s success and putting a technical lens on things has often introduced new possibilities, enhanced existing ideas and helped to identify pitfalls that might have otherwise lead to scheduling delays or impacts to the budget.

A technically curious individual by nature, Kevin loves learning new methods and technologies to help clients achieve success. This has often meant using proven platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Shopify, but these are often just the beginning building blocks of a project. True solutions are found when you build on these solid foundations to create something truly unique.

Kevin also finds satisfaction in less glamorous solutions like setting up email addresses, updating DNS records, performing routine site maintenance and fixing that ERP import bug your last developer left to silently fail at the worst possible time. These all lead to success in some fashion. He once worked on an project and has vowed never to do that again.

Before ICS, Kevin worked at and even ran a few firms in southern Maine (where he lives and works with his lawyer wife and daughters), fancied himself something of a designer and photographer (you can do anything in your 20s, right?), and discovered a love for classic cocktails that will last far beyond this cocktail-loving hipster trend (Jim Beam leads the list of favorite clients). When he’s not on reddit catching up on the latest Oscar contenders, he enjoys shaking his fist at the clouds and yelling at children to get off of his lawn.

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