Celebrating Women in Design History

In March, we celebrated Women’s History month with our second year of honoring women in graphic design history.


Design Herstory highlights the trailblazing women who made groundbreaking contributions in design history. The tech & design world has been a traditionally male-dominated industry and it’s no surprise that a look through design history books (and even a quick Google search for “famous graphic designers”) yields predominantly men:


Rand. Glaser. Bass. Sagmeister. Oh, hey Paula.


So–where are the women?

Women have played a powerful role in shaping graphic design and visual culture as we know it today, but have long been overshadowed by their male counterparts. Today, women make up approximately half of the graphic design industry, but there is still a troubling lack of women in leadership positions.

By illuminating the experiences and legacies of these women, we hope to write a new narrative of design history. Get to know some of the amazing women who helped pave the way at Design Herstory.


Herstory continues.

In the spirit of continuing to share women’s design history, we are recognizing women who have made an impact in the design world. This year, we’re reaching out to you:

Know an inspiring designer you’d like to see featured? Share herstory with us!