Shitty Gifts for Shitty People

‘Tis the season of Buying Shit for People You May or May Not Care About.

With the big day rapidly approaching, here are some last minute gems for those at the bottom of your list.

The Way of the Shadow Wolves $15
“It has words, many of which are spelled correctly.” – Amazon Customer


Beard cape: $16


Pigeon mask $10


Dabbing fidget spinner t-shirt $18
Two fads are better than one.


6-Pack Santa $26
So they don’t have to drink alone.


Banana flask $13
There’s always cheap vodka in the banana flask.


Bantha dog costume $12


Unicorn shirt $18
It’s certified free of chemicals!


HDMI cable $10,500
Because she’s worth it.


Richard Simmons poster $21



Have other ideas for what to get that special someone? Share them with us in the comments.

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