Shitty Gifts for Shitty People

Valentines Day Update: With the big day rapidly approaching, here are some last minute gift ideas for that special someone.

Teddy Bear: $45
Will make your intentions clear, no more friend zone.


Cow Heart $27
What better way to say “I love you” than with a cow heart?


Goddess Statue: $32
For the one who lights your fire.


Microwave Cooking for One: $15
For the lonely souls out there.


Engraved Spoon: $12
For the little spoon.


Chocolate Shoe Mold $15
Because who doesn’t want to eat chocolate out of a shoe?

Christmas 2017

The Way of the Shadow Wolves $15
“It has words, many of which are spelled correctly.” – Amazon Customer


Beard cape: $16


Pigeon mask $10


Dabbing fidget spinner t-shirt $18
Two fads are better than one.


6-Pack Santa $26
So they don’t have to drink alone.


Banana flask $13
There’s always cheap vodka in the banana flask.


Bantha dog costume $12


Unicorn shirt $18
It’s certified free of chemicals!


HDMI cable $10,500
Because she’s worth it.


Richard Simmons poster $21



Have other ideas for what to get that special someone? Share them with us in the comments.