Crossing the finish line….18 months later.

We regularly tell clients that “websites don’t last forever” but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that we realized that we needed to take some of our own advice. It wasn’t that there was anything “wrong” with the site: it was responsive, it was built on WordPress and was fairly easy to update, and it still looked pretty good. But the problems were deeper than that.

It was built at a time when the studio was much smaller. We had smaller clients, with smaller budgets, doing smaller projects, with a smaller team in a much smaller studio. In the four plus years that it’s been since we launched the “jumpers” site, we’ve grown in a number of ways. Our team is nearly double what it was, our studio more spacious, and our projects are growing in their scope and pushing us to be better partners and professionals. Clients are now looking for us not to just “build them a website” but to become strategic partners with them. We needed a site that would better allow us to show depth of the work we do from discovery to design process to challenges along the way.