ICS recap of Tall Tales from a Large Man

The ICS team made it’s way onto the BU campus earlier this month to see visiting artist Aaron Draplin of the official Draplin Design Co (http://www.draplin.com/) present Tall Tales from a Large Man. As he plotted out his rise to become a solo, passionate designer creating pieces for such names as Nike, Wired, ESPN and Burton, he focused on gigs that have given the most personal satisfaction and implored the audience to do the same.

He stressed that the size of the job didn’t always mean it would bring the most satisfaction (aside from the paycheck) and pointed to his pals at Cobra Dogs (https://www.facebook.com/cobradogs) who had to revamp their logo after Hasbro’s cease and desist letter meant they had to create something a little more different than the Cobra Commander’s insignia.

From there he jumped to a much larger project, one where he got to work for the Obama Administration, or as Draplin affectionately call President Obama: The Man. You can see the pride and excitement swell up in him as he talks about the quick succession of calls he had over the week the identities for the US DOT TIGER and recovery.gov were being developed. There’s a glint of a dream in his eye as he wonders aloud whether The Man was listening in on the call.

Draplin is an inspiration. He loves his craft and he encourages everyone else to love it, too. If you get a chance to see him on one of the many legs of his tour, check him out (http://www.draplin.com/gigs/).