Bring Out The Boos

We love Halloween over here at Image Conscious Studios. Our team decided that we would not let our favorite holiday pass quietly this year; in fact, it needed to be escalated.

So, we introduced the first annual Bring Out The Boos!

ICS has worked with so many terrific restaurants, and we solicited their help in inventing some spooky spirits and drinks for Halloween. They did not disappoint! When the results came in, we built a brand new website to showcase these chilling concoctions:

With all of these great drink recipes at our fingertips, we of course had to try them. Thanks to the generosity of the folks over at State Park, we organized a cocktail tasting – complete with a DJ and excellent food.

Of all the drinks served, our straw poll indicated the crowd favorite was the Sycamore’s Death From Below – a terrific combination with such a beautiful bloody red color! Congratulations to the drink’s creator, Olivia Rose Vienneau – our first ever Bring Out The Boos champion!

Thanks to everybody who joined us for the cocktail tasting; we hope you had a hell of a time. And very special thanks to State Park, the Sycamore, Beat Brasserie, the Beehive, Saloon, Foundry, Highland Kitchen and The Merchant for joining in the fun!