A Whole New World of Web Design

Website design constantly evolves, making older sites look out of fashion. When I studied web design in 2006, the online world was a simpler place; smart phones were not so smart yet, and nobody had a tablet. In class, professors drilled us on Dreamweaver and Flash. For the final exam, my classmates and I built rudimentary websites — unaware that only a few months later would bring the release of the first iPhone (and with it, the obsolescence of our brand new skills).

Geocities ICS

I stepped away from web design for several years to pursue film and project management. Now, in joining the ICS team as Project Manager, I return to a very different web design world: vertical scrolling, responsive design, and touch interfaces. I find myself Googling words like “parallax” to catch up with the conversation around here. Fortunately, ICS leaves the design and development to the experts, not the project manager.

All these evolutions in UX design have led to the cleaner, responsive websites that adjust to your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or other. You can see some of ICS’s finished products on our “Work” page. They’re sleek, and just stunning to browse.

Innovative companies with a strong web presence need websites that reflect their relevance. Template-made sites loaded with stock photos and a common sans-serif font just don’t cut it anymore.  If your website was built 5 or even 3 years ago, it may look outdated – and that can reflect how your customers perceive your company.

Luckily, ICS has a great team of designers and developers who can walk you through the latest evolutions. You can reach out to us with the Contact form above, or just give us a call. A thoughtfully branded and responsive website is an excellent way to show your customers your unique value.