6 Ghastly Reasons You’re Paralyzed to Update to a Responsive Website

6 Reasons Responsive

We all know that the future – well, the present – of web is responsive. But many have fears that prevent them from making the move and updating their web experience to be responsive. Here we look at 6 of the most BONE-CHILLING reasons that prevent site owners from taking that next, very important step. Read on… IF YOU DARE!

Overwhelmed by Devices

Protection From the Device Hordes

A responsive website is humanity’s best hope in future-proofing the web. Responsive sites are context-aware, and will optimize content and display to virtually any device either is currently in use, or may be lurking on the horizon.

(No promises about devices that come back from the dead.)

Drowning in Endless Resources

Managing a Responsive Site is Easier than you Think

It’s simply one website that is optimized across all devices, meaning you don’t have to manage multiple sites, apps and systems.

Lure of the App

Apps are not a Mobile Stratgy

Apps do not replace your mobile-friendly website. You need to think about mobile first before you think about creating that app. Responsive websites provide immediate benefit for all of your users, from the die-hards to your casual users.

No one hears you scream

Don’t let costs scare you away from updating your website.

The opportunity costs of not updating to a responsive website are where the true terror lies.

Fear of Change

Everyone Fears Change

But want to know what’s scarier? The amount of business, traffic & conversions you’re missing out on by not updating to a responsive website. By 2015, mobile users are expected to increase by 67%. Your outdated, pinch-and-zoom website is frustrating vistors and scaring away leads faster than Jekyll turns into Hyde.

Unknown Terror

Moving to a responsive website shouldn’t be scary

Despite your worst fears, it’s not the Boogie Man lurking in the distance. Working with the right team can make the process easy, fun and–ultimately–profitable, turning your worst nightmare into a dream come true.

Ready to face your fears? Contact us today to take that first step.