Food for Thought on this Monday Morning

Wonderland | A Short Form Doc on Creative Commerce from Eskimo on Vimeo.

Wonderland – A Short Doc on Creative Commerce is a must see for anyone in the creative industry. I won’t try and explain it myself, but just know if you are in the industry, you can relate to this short film in some way. Trust me.

From the filmakers Terry Rayment, Hunter Richards, Scott Hanson & Mike Berlucchi:

In Spring 2013 we set out for a month to make a short educational piece providing a glimpse of what it is like to work in the creative industry. The idea was born out of our own questions and struggles on how to deal with things that may seem out of your control.

The themes we decided to focus on were those of creativity, relationships, the pursuit of financial profit, and the many directions you can intentionally or unintentionally find yourself taking. We hope the short provides direction in helping others pursue their own creative and personal goals by hearing first hand experiences. Thank you to everyone involved for your transparency and willingness to be involved.

PS – I found this video on another really cool blog Indoek.