Hand Painted Signs by Kenji Nakayama


Hand painted signs are seeing a resurgence in recent years.┬áLocal artist Kenji Nakayama is blowing up the scene with what was considered a dying art: the Butera School of Art, where Kenji moved from Japan to study, has suspended its sign painting program. But artists like him, coupled with a growing need for anything handmade, are making hand-painted signage all the rage around town. It’s a beautiful call-back to a time when Main streets were littered with Mom ‘n’ Pops and milk was hand delivered. Aside from painting signs for local shop proprietors, he also paints old shop tools like saws and welding helmets with quirky sayings and pin-striping which he’s shown along side he’s meticulously hand cut stencil paintings in art galleries around the world.

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The (now closed) Enormous Room in Central Square


Signs from his studio




Painted Saws