Domino’s attempts to be hip, love it or hate it?


The chalkboard art trend, we’ve seen it everywhere, from Pinterest to interior design blogs, Starbucks, magazine covers, packaging, etc. Now even Domino’s is getting in on the “hipster” trend. Will this new box help relinquish their “sketchy chain pizza” reputation and help sell their new pan pizza?

Truthfully I am skeptical that their credibility could ever really be redeemed but I do think CP+B deserves praise for this project. They did a great job at making me think twice about rejecting a Domino’s pizza. I still might not eat it, but I would definitely keep the box…for a day or two.

Take a look at some shots of the new box below and tell us what you think.

dominos2 dominos3

For more information on how CP+B is helping to turn around the Domino’s name:

CP + B Group

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