The Exploding Pantone Universe


For the past two years I’d say I’ve been a pretty big sucker for the Pantone Universe products. They initially had me at the ceramic mugs, then there was the time I tried to convince my roommates we needed Pantone folding chairs (fail), then there were the notebooks…and the water bottles…and the salt shakers. I needed to color block the crap out of my apartment.

But this Sunday, on a casual stroll through the Prudential Center, I realized that sometimes there are some Pantone products that you just don’t need. More specifically, Pantone / Sephora collaborations for lipstick, eyeliner, blush, the works. Pantone on my eyeball? Too much.

Apparently I haven’t been keeping up with all the Pantone collaborations because they are literally all over the place. While I actually do like the Pantone Visa cards, the Pantone Barbie, beauty line, suitcases, and especially the scale are, in my opinion, overkill.

Here are some of the Pantone Universe products that I think are interesting attempts….but not that cool…




Though it should be noted that I am a Pantone lover, not hater. I just think you have to draw the line somewhere. If they ever came out with a Pantone Mini Cooper would I buy it? No. Would I Instagram it and “ooooo” over it? Yes.