Summer 2012 Reading List


It’s almost officially Summer and I imagine most of you are gearing up for summer hours and BBQ’s on the beach. I know I myself am excited for some extra time spent relaxing, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking about design! This summer I intend to take in some rays while catching up on the ever changing world of HTML and CSS, learn more about responsive design, and possibly learn how to better streamline the creative process. To do so here are the top three books on my Summer 2012 Reading List:

Redesign the Web (Smashing Book #3) by Smashing Magazine

This book has only been out for a month and it’s already been receiving quite a buzz, as most Smashing Books generally do. A collaboration between 40 of the industry’s top designers and developers, Smashing Book #3 covers everything from the most up to date and innovative HTML5/CSS3 tricks to what they call “future-proof Web design.”

Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte

As a big fan of their blog, A List Apart, the A Book Apart books promise informative and straight to the point reads on current web design and development topics. In Responsive Web Design, Marcotte takes you through the best principals and techniques to creating interfaces that display and function flawlessly on any size browser.

Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer

Want to become more creative by learning how others experienced their “breakthrough” moments? In Image: How Creativity Works, Lehrer dissects famous case studies like the invention of the Barbie or the Post-it Note and then shows us how we do could do the exact same. According to Lehrer, in order to get to our most innovative ideas we don’t have to be one of the “Top Creatives”, we just have to embrace our childlike instincts, accept ruts and openly welcome criticism

More Summer Reading: