Learning From Our Peers


On this blog we’ve talked a lot about finding visual inspiration from places like blogs, museums, and showcase websites. While scanning beautiful images can often push our work to the next level, sometimes simply reading about or listening to a fellow creative’s journey to success can be even more insightful. Recently my top two favorite places to find these sort of creative outlets are The Great Discontent and After the Jump on Brooklyn’s Heritage Radio Network.

The Great Discontent

Every Tuesday Ryan and Tina Essmaker publish a new interview with an artist who has inspired their own careers as designers and writers. Those interviewed range from web designers, musicians, illustrators, creative directors and authors. Despite their varying job titles and backgrounds, each interviewee’s story shares one common element: each was met with obstacles and took risks that eventually steered them to where they are as artists today.

After the Jump

After the Jump radio interviews are yet another project from Grace Bonney, the well-known blogger behind Design*Sponge. Like The Great Discontent, Bonney interviews a variety of creatives from stylists, textile designers to the founders of The Brooklyn Flea. What’s even better about these interviews is that they are podcasts and awesome segments to listen to in your downtime or even as you work.