Pin That Sh*t


We facebook and we twitter. We email blogs and enter contests to feature our work. Now we’re upping our internet presence and brand game at the same time and it feels like we’re not even trying. That’s because we’re not even breaking a sweat. We’re casually “pinning” things we like, and we’re doing it for fun.

We started using Pinterest over the winter as a way to create virtual inspiration boards for certain clients. Shortly after we realized, along with many other companies, that we could use Pinterest for ourselves, not just for one particular client, and use it to actually put our work out there at the same time.

Large companies like Kate Spade, Whole Foods, Home Depot and Sony are also pinning. Like us they aren’t just pinning their own work or products, they’re pinning things that pertain to their brand’s story. Whole Foods for example pins
easy healthy recipes and Home Depot pins gorgeous DIY projects. In a discrete way these companies are creating a visual relationship with their customers and in turn increasing business just by sharing common interests and ideas.

While we’re not a large company, we still can create a visual relationship with viewers and increase our business just the same. For example, say a potential client was yearning for a vintage style logo, but we had nothing like that in our website portfolio. That potential client might see on our Pinterest logo inspiration board that we actually have pinned various vintage style logos and we appreciate that style as well. Instantly a connection is born and our chance of that viewer hiring us increases.


In addition to pinning design trends we can also pin our own pieces we are proud of and want to share. Pinning our work also acts as another way to drive traffic to our site as each pin is traced back to our portfolio url. Now who doesn’t love additional website traffic?!.

Just this past week Mashable ranked Pinterest the #3 Social Media site and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Why not hop on board, spread your brand’s story and have fun while you’re doing it? We’re visual people here, and we love nothing more than sharing work and gaining inspiration from all that’s out there.

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