Gobble-y gobbles


It’s been such a great year: I feel that there’s so much to be thankful for! On that note, let me share an incomplete, not-in-any-particular-order list of what I’m thankful for this year:

Baby boys, baby slings, the green thing, new iMacs, new clients, old clients, new friends, old friends, frenemies, growing families, CMS, HTML5 + CSS3, gCal, Restaurant Impossible, bourbon, manhattans, negronis, 50mm lenses, iPhone 4’s, iPads, online project management, cooking huge meals, having other people clean up after cooking (and eating) huge meals, my wife, Luca, the ICS team, my VW, having a 6th gear, chef’s Sal & Fredo, inspiring design, 80’s movies, Ikea, Eastie taquerias, Rino’s, the fact that my family & my in-laws can tolerate one another, pour-on varnish, NWOBHM, Tan Sierra, my V, guilty-pleasure tunes, beauty in simplicity, having enough optimism to overshadow pessimism, doing what I love each and every day for a living…

Happy T-day everyone!