Summertime Rolls…


Well, it’s that time of year again: baseball is heating up, weather is cooling down, & soon 10,000’s of college students will flood the city with moving trucks (some getting stuck on Storrow’s many short bridges). Yes, summer is winding down & fall is around the corner. It’s time to reflect on what has been, quite simply, an amazing summer here at ICS.

To celebrate, we recently took the team out on a field trip to visit our friends at BBQsmith – a food truck serving up some of the best BBQ this side of, well, Chinatown. If you haven’t made it out there, it’s highly recommended that you do. We’re thrilled that Boston has finally woken up to the joys of food trucks – you see them quite a bit throughout the city these days. BBQsmith is one of the originals (and their logo is pretty nice too, wink wink)

We said good-bye to some team members, hello to some new ones, wrapped up some fantastic projects, while signing up some exciting new ones. Oh, and we welcomed our first child into the world. All-in-all, not too shabby a few months, I must say.

This fall promises to be incredible – the new folks are fitting right in, and we’ve got some amazing new gigs lined up. Plus, I just love the fall around here: something in the air inspires a fresh start, a renewed energy. Can’t wait to see what the coming months brings!


Tom, aka BBQsmith