Please allow me to introduce myself… part 2

part 2


So who really does all the work at ICS? Adam and Beth, obviously, but I’m here for the summer to help out.

Who am I? My name is Chelsey and I hail from the back-country lanes of Massachusetts, though I just graduated from Boston’s own Emmanuel College. I majored in English Communication, and you may wonder what I’m doing working in the design field. Well, I have discovered that I enjoy working with the font, color, and layout of words more than I like wrangling with them in essays. So here I am, happily playing with pixels.

Sadly, however, I won’t be staying long. Come September, I’m off to Edinburgh, Scotland to pursue a Masters in Design and Digital Media. I’m looking forward to starting a new adventure, even though it will mean saying goodbye to what has been a fantastic working and learning experience.

Until then!!